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Table of comparison

TABLE OF COMPARISON for major average characteristics of BIKROM and POLIIZOL (based on independent laboratory tests)

The upper protective layer Aluminium foil, thickness 14 mc Aluminium foil, thickness 30 mc
The upper protective layer Dressing compound Dressing compound
Basis Fiberglass + fabric mesh Framed fiberglass
Flexibility on a bar with rounded radius (25±0,2), mm at Т оС  Minus 2 оС  Minus 10 оС
Fragility Т оС Minus 20 оС Minus 25 оС
Termal resistance within 2 hours at Т оС  100 оС 120 оС
Braking strenght at tension 441 H (45 kgf) 1000 H (102 kgf)
Elongation at break 4,0% 6,0%

BIKROM (Ts 14904521-006:2016) – is a type of material for building an inexpensive, but fairly reliable roofing.  It is manufactured using the method of laying the asphalt binder consisting of the modified bitumen and filler onto the backing.  
POLIIZOL (TS 19811706-003:2017) - is a type of material with the improved physical and mechanical properties suitable to the climatic conditions of Central Asia, which shows high efficiency in protection of buildings and other construction facilities against water.  It is manufactured using the method of laying the high-quality asphalt binder consisting of modified bitumen, polymer and filler onto the solid, rot-resistant backing.  
Application of BIKROM and POLIIZOL materials does not require the expensive equipment.
The manufacture of BIKROM and POLIIZOL roll materials could be designed individually, considering the physical and mechanical properties, defined by the customer.