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Instruction for waterproofing


for waterproofing roof membrane of the build up roofing and waterproofing material Poliizol, Bikrom 


Works on waterproofing the roofs with build up roll material should be done in accordance with SNiP 3.04.01-87 “Insulation and finishing works" and work design codes (CPD), developed for a specific object in prescribed manner and according to the current instructions.

To perform a high-quality work on waterproofing, a technology of correct laying of roll material must be observed, considering the average daily temperature of the air.  Insulation and roofing works are allowed to be implemented at the ambient temperature no lower than +5 ° C.

Preparation of the foundation surface for waterproofing of the roof “carpet” build up roll material.

Prior to the beginning of the work, make sure that: 
  • the concrete base is leveled up and cleaned of debris; 
  • the concrete base is absolutely dry; 
  • the installation of ventilation ducts are completed; 
  • the fixtures for mounting antennas are in place; 
  • the gutters are installed and fixed and funnels are in place. 
Waterproofing is carried out according to the following sequence: 
  • concrete foundation is primed; 
  • the interior gutters of crater and valleys are pasted over with two layers of material; 
  • the protective layer is applied in the valley; 
  • the layers of the main waterproof “carpet” are glued over; 
  • the vertical structures joints are glued over with additional layer of roll material.
The mastic is applied across the insulated surface with a continuous layer with no gaps. After the first layer is dried, a second coat of primer is applied.  The approximate composition of the mastic: the ratio of bitumen БН 90/10 and solvent (Nefras, white spirit) -1:2. 

Roofing technology of build up roll material
Poliizol roof pasting process is implemented on the bays, in the direction of Polizol supply from the lower places (sinks) to the higher ones (watersheds). 

On the surface of the base roll out 7-10 roll at the same time, try one roll to the other, align them and provide an overlap of no less than 100 mm along the width of band.  Then glue up the ends of the rolls from one side and roll the bands up into rolls.  Mastic layer of the surface of the previously glued carpet layer is heated with burners up to the temperature less high than 170 ° C, roll out and press tightly to the foundation with roller. 

The surface of the finished roof “carpet” should be smooth, without folds, hillocks and delaminations of the upper layer of the “carpet” from the bottom layer. 
  • Walk or move mechanisms and instruments on the freshly primed cover, or use any sharp objects. 
  • Keep in proximity to the work site inflammable materials. 
  • Smoke while working. 
Some conditions for reliable roof waterproofing:

Implement all preparatory works properly, according to the requirements (cement lining with a slope, priming, etc.) 

Qualified personnel in compliance with all safety measures have to do lying of the material especially during the performance of waterproofing and roofing works. 

Water drainage should be well organized. 

The design features and operation specifications of the buildings should be taken into account while choosing the type of roll material for roofing.